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I've been so remiss in not blogging here for AGES. Life has been so busy. I just got back from Japan last week after a ski holiday with some friends. It was pretty awesome - trips to Japan always are, though!! My kanji recognition (and by extension, my reading comprehension) was through the roof this time thanks to WaniKani. I leveled up to 36 while we were there, so I'm definitely in the home stretches now.

In other news... not much. I will be travelling again in just a few months so we have to lay low and save our cash for that :)

Not related to anything, but is it just me or have all the Arashi subbing communities just exploded with activity in the last few weeks?

Isogashii ne

arashi, jun
Ugh, I have been SO busy. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily, but all internetting definitely slows down. Except WaniKani, which I check like they're paying me for it. I'm level 19 now! It is ASTONISHING how much my Japanese reading comprehension has improved in less than 6 months without what feels like very much exertion on my part. Whee!

125 days til Japan!


arashi, jun
Just voted for this year's Arafes. I had a really hard time voting! Partly because I am a fairly new fan, so I don't know a lot of album/coupling songs, and partly because I couldn't put my favourites in order! I got around the first problem by only voting for songs I knew (ie I didn't vote for any coupling songs, and the only album songs I voted for were "虹のカケラ~no rain no rainbow~" and "5x10"), and the second problem... well, I'm still dithering over my choices even after I've submitted them. Here's my list:

1. 迷宮ラブソング
2. ワイルドアットハート
3. Endless Game
4. Monster
5. きっと大丈夫
6. Breathless
7. 風の向こうへ
8. Troublemaker
9. Happiness
10. Face Down

Happy birthday, Neen! + Gokusen

arashi, jun
As always, hisabisa! I've been doing some travelling for work so I'm a little behind the times in terms of Arashi news. Anyway I just wanted to post a quick お誕生日おめでとう~! to everyone's favourite brat. Now only my J baby is in his 20s! These two make me feel better because I'm only a couple most younger than J haha.

Speaking of J when he was a baby (segway SWISH) I've started watching Gokusen. I really love it! It's quite quirky and fun. I'm probably the last person in the world to see it, but I recommend it anyway.

Wanikani update - level 10! I think I'll hit my goal of level 30 by my next Japan trip.


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Also I just joined the Fuji TV Club and intend to ballot for VS Arashi tickets while I'm there :D Anybody have any tips? I'll just be going for a single ticket which I hear helps.


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Sa~~! It's been a while since I updated, ne? I've been quite busy with work and organizing an event for my church. Then next week I have to go travelling to Canberra for work, and also I'm going to Adelaide for a few nights. I'll miss my husband :( Also I'm organizing a wedding for July! Busy busy.

Anyway, I've been persevering with my kanji. I think I'm doing quite well! I definitely know more than I did when I started. At this rate I will have finished all the N4 kanji in about 2 months. I think I'm going to shoot for N3! Well, maybe. My reading (grammar and vocab) are probably not up to scratch, so I had better work on those.

I have some exciting news! Ant and I have just booked tickets to go back to Japan in late December for another ski trip. Yay! I had better knuckle down and study hard, then!


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My DVD finally arrived today after being stuck in Hong Kong for five days!


Naturally I had my own little watching party and celebrated with this popcorn:

It's Arashinception.

As far as the DVD goes - LOVE IT. I'm going to have to rewatch to even begin to pick favourite parts. I'm really happy :D

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Happy Popcorn day!

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My DVD wont arrive til Friday but I'll celebrate today anyway, and ignore the fact that it's leaked all over the interwebs :/

I found this yesterday so I'm all set for my private viewing party :)

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I persevered with Bambino! and am now partway through episode 5. I don't know if I wasn't paying attention when I watched episode 1, or whether the editing buried it a little (or perhaps even that my eyes were clouded with MatsuJun sparkles) but the Previously section at the start of ep 2 made it much more clear to me that Ban could use a bit of a humility kick, which made everything much more palatable. I'm enjoying it a bit more but I still definitely don't like it as much as some of the other dramas I've watched recently.

I did enjoy some of the exterior scenes in Fukuoka a bit much, excitedly tapping my husband on the arm "look look I walked over that bridge!"

Non-no May 2013 scans

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There were a few Arashi pages in this month's Non-no so I've scanned them in. Apologies for the quality on some of them - they weren't nice glossies, but a matte insert instead, so they don't look as pretty as usual. Scans concern MatsuJun's upcoming movie Hidamari no kanojo, Sho and Nino's new shows, and a bonus Aiba Disneyland commercial :) Enjoy!


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